07 Nov 2004 -Waarom Amerika voor Bush koos

Razende betweters:

Kerry Laments: 'I Can't Believe I'm Losing to This Idiot'

Did Guardian turn Ohio to Bush?

'New Yorkers are more sophisticated'

What is more depressing . . 9/11/01 or 11/3/04?

'Americans are fat, lazy, and stupid.'

Sorry Everybody

100 Dinge, die besser bleiben (vooral Einwanderung, immigratie)

Michael Moore lost the election

So Much to Savor: A big win for America, and a loss for the mainstream media.

A Functional Party No More - Whither the Democrats?

Democrats Go Off the Cliff (30-6-2003)

You're a Republican???

Conservatives come out

(Aanvulling 9-11, want het kan altijd nog gekker:)

'Post-election selection trauma' (PEST)

(Aanvulling 14-11:)

Blue State Blues as Coastal Parents Battle Invasion of Dollywood Values

Heeft Bush gewonnen dankzij de gristenen?:


Latest vote, county by county

A Southern shock for Democratic Party

Kerry won the center and the left.

Minorities Backed Kerry

Bobby Jindal mirrors the immigrant aspiration

Prop 71: The New Gold Rush (stamcelonderzoek in Californië)

The Undivided Country

Believe it or not, it wasn't just rednecks who voted for Bush

"Forcing California and Mississippi into one model is a recipe for disaster."

A Specter Haunts the GOP (linkse Republikeinse senator)

It Wasn't Just (Or Even Mostly) the 'Religious Right'

The Values-Vote Myth

'Moral values is a grab bag'

Conservatives in the Mist (28-5-2003)

Heeft Bush gewonnen dankzij homofobie?:

Voters in 10 States OK Gay-Marriage Ban

Same-Sex Marriage Measures Succeed

Republicans pose as gay Democrats

"Burress is a bit of an unusual leader for the sanctity-of-marriage cause, having publicly blamed a 25-year addiction to pornography for the failure of his first two marriages."

"It's not just about me and my daughter. It's about the future of this country."

Most important event

The Gay Marriage Myth: Terrorism, not values, drove Bush's re-election.

Bush wins same portion of gay vote as '00

Gay Marriage and the Ground Game

Kerry's 'Principles'

Big Gay Al (als onverwacht verkozen president)

Was Abe Lincoln Gay?

GPW's ongoing experiment -- how conservatives react to gays/how gays react to conservatives

Equality will win in the end.

Terzijde: kinderen die vragen worden overgeslagen:

Democrat's win in Cicero baffles both parties

'Mike Overton won a Springdale City Council seat despite his decision not to campaign or raise money toward his cause.'


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